1610 is a 2003 International former ambulance chassis that was purchased and repurposed to carry hose. This unit was designed and built to assist us in lowing our ISO Rating in our rural district by carrying and being able to lay over one mile of 5” diameter hose, 5,300 feet to be exact.

2008 Chevrolet Brush/Medical Truck. This unit is a 4 wheel drive 3500 chassis with a brush unit used to fight brush fires and it also responds to medical calls. It was purchased to replace the 1991 Ford Brush Truck. It is designated as 1614 and is located at Station One.

2000 Pierce Rescue/Service Company. This unit replaced the 1994 Ford Rescue/Service Company which was purchased to replace the 1979 Rescue unit purchased from Elkin. This unit serves today as a Rescue/Service Company unit and is stationed at Station one. It is designated as 1615.

2003 Pierce 100' Aerial Platform. This Truck has a 100' Aerial Platform in a steel ladder, a 2000 GPM pump, and a 300 gallon tank. It also has a full complement of ground ladders and all equipment for a service company. It was purchased to meet the needs of the larger commercial building in the town of Jonesville. It serves as Truck 16 at Station One.

2012 Pierce Engine. This engine was specifically designed to assist in the rerating of the rural district. It has a 2000 GPM pump, a 3000 gallon tank and a six man cab. This unit with its large water capacity is capable of delivering a lot of water to the fire scene allowing the setup of the long hose lays needed for the lower ISO rating. This apparatus is designated as Engine 1604 and responds as a primary engine from Station One.

1605 is a 2000 model International Pumper/Tanker it has a 1250 GPM pump and carries 3000 gallons of water. It is currently serving at Station Two. ​​

2000 Pierce International Engine. This Engine has a 1500 GPM pump, a 1000 gallon tank and a two man cab. This unit was purchased to replace the 1976 Ford engine as the second out engine. It served as the second out engine at Station One until Station Two was complete. It is designated as 1602 and currently serves as the primary engine and water point truck at Station Two. It is designated as Engine 1602.

1994 Pierce Engine. This Engine has a 1500 GPM pump, 1000 gallon tank, and a six man cab. This apparatus was purchased to become the primary first out engine and relieved the 1976 engine of its primary duties. This engine is in service today at Station One as Engine 1601 and is a primary engine.

Previous Apparatus:

1958 Ford Howe Engine 500 GPM Pump 750 Gallons of water. This truck was purchased new from Triad Fire Equipment when the department was chartered. This truck is currently owned by members of the department and is planned to be restored to parade condition.


Military Tanker this truck was used as a tanker for the department when it was first formed.


1966 International Tanker 750 Gallons of water. This truck was purchased to replace the Military Tanker.


Traffic Van. All departments are charged with the responsibility of providing personnel for firefighting and at least two members for traffic control. This van was used for traffic purposes.


1976 Ford Howe Grumman Engine 750 GPM Pump 1000 Gallons of water. This apparatus was purchase to assume the primary engine responsibilities from the 1958 engine. It served proudly until 1994 when it too was replaced as the primary first out engine.


1979 Traffic Van. This was a Chevrolet passenger van that was equipped with emergency warning lights and a generator to power 4 500 watt scene lights. It was later equipped with medical equipment when the department started the first medical assistance group known as the Arlington Quick Response in 1980.

1979 Ford Rescue Truck. In the mid to late 80's as the Quick Response grew in popularity and call volume, Arlington Community Volunteer Fire Department became Arlington Fire & Rescue